About the course

Functional Anatomy Seminar

Knowledge of the structure of the human body from what can be seen with the unaided eye (gross anatomy) down to the molecular level is fundamental to understanding bodily function and how both structure and function are modified by disease.

Functional Anatomy Seminars offers high-quality seminars to manual practitioners, providing guidance in assessment, diagnosis, treatment & rehabilitation.

Course Instructor

Dr. Pierre Khazen

Dr. Pierre Khazen is a physical therapist and master hypnotherapist and holistic Transformational Healing Practioner.


7/14/18 january 2023

Course duration

20 hours




50 USD

What you will learn

Master basic anatomical terminology

Master the musculoskeletal system

Understand how structure and function relationships work in the body

Understand how to apply anatomical knowledge in medical settings

The major Section of the course:

  • Introduction and anatomical terminology
  • The back
  • The upper limbs
  • The thorax and abdomen
  • The lower limbs
  • The central nervous system