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KINETIC FLOSSING® is an innovative therapeutic technique that involves compression bandages made of elastic rubber bands, which are applied to the human body to treat musculoskeletal and neuro-musculoskeletal pathologies.

Flossing is a novel therapeutic approach which has been developed in the last years in the areas of training and rehabilitation.

The technique was created through applied research and long-term evaluation at the Human Evaluation and Rehabilitation Laboratory of the Physiotherapy Department of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece.

KINETIC FLOSSING® involves the use of special clinical equipment called Kinetic Floss bands and Kinetic Flossing Tools.

Kinetic Flossing includes specific wrapping applications which could be applied to every anatomical structure. Its great functional advantage is that the application is performed in conjunction with specific therapeutic techniques such as passive or active movements, mobilization techniques or low intensity exercise.

KINETIC FLOSSING® presents an innovative therapeutic technique, Kinetic Tool Flossing, which combines the application of specialized stainless-steel tools to specific points of adhesions/restrictions with the compression of the floss band above them.

Learning Objectives of KINETIC FLOSSING® Course

At the end of the training, trainees will have gained theoretical education about Fascia (Thomas Myers Myofascial Meridians theory), soft tissue pathologies, Fascia, and their healing, physiological adaptations of Compression and Blood Flow Restriction exercise, being fully capable to:


  • Assess possible fascial pathologies.
  • Actively intervene on hard tissue healing release cross-links between connective tissues
  • Restore range of motion of joints in a minimum number of treatment sessions
  • Treat effectively most musculoskeletal pathologies/iniuries o Cause controlled and targeted re-injury in case of poor healing (tendinosis / overuse injury)
  • Stimulate anabolic processes in connective tissues (collagen fibres)
  • Accelerate tissue through fibroblast activation.
  • Facilitate reflex changes in chronically incorrect muscle activation patterns.
  • Increase tension produced in one or more joints o Combine techniques (Kinetic Flossing® and kinesiotherapy) - Facilitate functional rehabilitation.


Participation Requirements for the KINETIC FLOSSING® Course

Candidates desiring to participate in KINETIC FLOSSING® training seminar are required to have:

  • A Health Science bachelor of Science (Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Manual Therapist, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Manual Therapists, Massage Therapists, Sports Scientists, Athletic Trainers, Yoga Practitioners, etc.)
  • Theoretical knowledge of the anatomy and kinesiology of the human body (Physiotherapy and other Health Science students)
  • Any prior experience in soft tissue mobilization techniques will be helpful for better understating the seminar.